The bedframe is the item you wake in and the item you go to bed in. You spend a considerable amount of your life in it. This is why its so important that your bed frame supports you, enables you to recharge properly and gives you a sense of security.

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ALEXANDER Solid wood queen size bed frame-Walnut

RM 650.00

OWEN king size fabric platform bed base- Light Grey

RM 289.00

OWEN queen size platform bed base- Brown PVC

RM 285.00

TEDDY single size metal bed frame

RM 275.00

Marston queen size premium bed frame- Light Blue

RM 955.00

Vono Tri Fold Deluxe Mobile Bed Foldable Bed

RM 285.00

Hayden 2M King Bed – Black colour leg, Harmonic Tan colour Dimity fabric

RM 1,032.00

Hayden 2M Queen Bed – Black colour leg, Seal colour Dimity fabric

RM 852.00

PALAMA Single size bed frame- Dark Brown

RM 390.00

ASTRID King size bed frame

RM 490.00

HARRIS Queen size bed frame

RM 390.00

ELIF queen size bed frame

RM 620.00

TUCKER Solid Wood 1.9M Queen Bed – Cocoa colour leg, Seal colour Dimity fabric

RM 720.00

TWIGGY single size stack bed- brown

RM 250.00

NEXT SB1399 – Metal Single Bed

RM 280.00

NEXT SB135 – Metal Single Bed

RM 260.00

GUB NIKKI 131 – Natural + Black Metal Wardrobe With Study Desk

RM 434.00

GUB NIKKI 130 – Natural + Black Metal Wardrobe

RM 444.00