Discover comfort and safety with our Baby Cot collection. Crafted with love and care, our cots offer a cozy haven for your little one’s peaceful slumber. Designed with premium materials and sturdy construction, they provide a secure environment for your baby to rest and grow. Adjustable mattress heights ensure convenience and adaptability as your baby grows. With timeless designs and charming details, our cots complement any nursery decor effortlessly. Create a soothing sanctuary for your bundle of joy with Furniture Direct’s Baby Cot collection, where quality meets comfort, giving you peace of mind as your baby sleeps soundly.

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Funbies LUNA Baby Cot 3 In 1 Package- Softtone Grey

Original price was: RM 3,117.60.Current price is: RM 1,665.00.

Funbies VIGGO Baby Cot 3 In 1 Package-White

Original price was: RM 4,077.00.Current price is: RM 1,890.00.

ZeeCloud- AIRY CLOUD 94x64cm Travel Cot Mattress

Original price was: RM 285.00.Current price is: RM 129.00.

LUIS Solid Wood Baby Cot With 3 Adjustable Level

Original price was: RM 720.00.Current price is: RM 439.00.

Comfy Baby Luca Baby Cot-Bundle Set

Original price was: RM 2,728.05.Current price is: RM 1,699.00.

Comfy Baby Ciak Baby Cot-Bundle Set

Original price was: RM 2,143.05.Current price is: RM 1,399.00.