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[CLEARANCE] MINATO 3 door kitchen cabinet with 3 drawers

RM 550.00

MERITUS Kitchen cabinet-White

RM 275.52

MERITUS Kitchen Cabinet-Wenge

RM 275.52

UNITI Kitchen Trolley with castor- White

RM 234.52

UNITI Kitchen Trolley with castor-Wenge

RM 234.52

COVE Microwave Cart with castor-White

RM 193.52

COVE Microwave Cart with castor-Wenge

RM 155.00

LEXIS Microwave Cart

RM 178.76

LEXIS Microwave Cart

RM 178.76

Clancy Solid Wood Kitchen Trolly

RM 145.00

KC-7218 Hollow Plywood 6FT Kitchen Cabinet Light Cherry

RM 700.00

BRUNO 5 tier Microwave oven kitchen rack

RM 85.00

BRUNO 4 tier Microwave oven kitchen rack

RM 79.00

Frey 3 door Kitchen Cabinet

RM 550.00

FREY tile top kitchen cabinet-362003

RM 275.00

FREY tile top kitchen cabinet-362004

RM 444.00

FREY tile top kitchen cabinet-364006

RM 353.00

FREY tile top kitchen cabinet-364004

RM 368.00