Here at Furniture Direct we know how important it is to find your perfect mattress, after all we spend a third of our lives in bed. Whether you are looking for pocket spring or memory foam, traditional spring or latex, we have a wide range of luxurious mattresses to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Not sure where to start? Why not check out our mattress guide for useful information and tips.

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Slumberland Dr Sleep II 9″ Super Single Posture Spring Mattress

RM 2,500.00

Goodnite SpinaHealth FUJI 9 inc Posture Spring Mattress- 4 Size

RM 395.00RM 850.00

Goodnite Foam Star 4.5″ Single Size Foam Mattress

RM 235.00

Spinahealth SEALAND 4 inch foldable foam mattress

RM 285.00

Goodnite SpinaHealth PAHLAWAN 12″ Coconut Fibre Mattress

RM 850.00RM 1,450.00

Neckpro MOIRA 12″ Inter-changeable pocket spring with Latex Top Mattress

RM 5,699.00RM 5,999.00

Neckpro ARIEM 16“ Pillow Top Pocket Spring with Latex mattress

RM 2,699.00RM 4,099.00

Neckpro GLACIER 12″ Pocket Spring mattress with extreme cool fabric

RM 1,899.00RM 2,499.00

Goodnite Eazy Rest 9″ King Size Compress Eco Foam mattress (Roll Pack)

RM 1,670.00

Goodnite Eazy Rest 9″ Queen Size Compress Eco Foam mattress (Roll Pack)

RM 1,412.00

Goodnite Eazy Rest 9″ Super Single Size Compress Eco Foam mattress (Roll Pack)

RM 1,018.00

Goodnite Eazy Rest 9″ Single Size Compress Eco Foam mattress (Roll Pack)

RM 898.00

DREAMLAND Premium Rebound Foam Tri-fold Foldable Mattress

RM 250.00

THERAPEDIC 12″ GEN Pocket spring with latex top mattress- Free Bedframe

RM 1,765.00RM 3,180.00

Goodnite Spinahealth VITANIA 11″ Sping Mattress with bedframe

RM 1,868.90RM 2,308.90

SpineX EDMD4171 – 8″ High Quality Coconut Fiber Care Mattress

RM 789.00RM 1,539.00

SpineX EDMD4172 – 12″ Parallel Original Pocket System Contour Gard Mattress

RM 909.00RM 1,799.00

SpineX EDMD4170 – 12″ Maxi Coil With S04 Spring Count Back Support Mattress

RM 759.00RM 1,429.00

SpineX EDMD4169 – 11″ Maxi Coil With S04 Spring Count Back Care Mattress

RM 649.00RM 1,269.00

Goodnite – Bamboo Charcoal Latex Pillow

RM 426.80

Goodnite Forever Love CS8822 – 15.5″ G-Latex Premium Natural Latex Mattress

RM 6,488.90RM 7,698.90

Goodnite Eternal Love CS8000 – 15.5″ G-Memory Premium Memory Foam Mattress

RM 5,058.00RM 5,939.00

Goodnite True Love CS8001 – 14″ High Density Bio-Foam Mattress

RM 2,968.90RM 3,518.90

Goodnite I Do CS8010 – 13.5″ Dual Layer Pocketed Coil System Mattress

RM 7,038.90RM 7,808.90

Goodnite Only You CS8899 – 13.5″ Dual Layer Pocketed Coil System Mattress

RM 5,828.90RM 6,598.90

Goodnite My Love CS8803 – 12.5″ Dual Layer Pocketed Coil System Mattress

RM 4,398.90RM 4,948.90

Goodnite Fibre Deluxe – Natural Coconut Fibre Mattress

RM 822.80RM 2,186.80

Goodnite Alamanda 10.5″ Posture Spring System Mattress with bedframe

RM 2,088.90RM 2,638.90

Goodnite Lattin – 11.5″ Pocketed Spring System Mattress

RM 2,198.90RM 2,638.90

Goodnite De Iceland – 12″ Max Posture Spring System Mattress

RM 2,198.90RM 3,298.90