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Whatever your sleeping preference may be, we’re sure to have the perfect mattress to suit. Using our handy tool, Your Personal Comfort Guide, will help you to decide on the perfect mattress for you whatever your sleeping position, comfort issue or mattress desires.



As a side sleeper, you are with the majority of the nation as more than half of Malaysia adults sleep in the foetal position. Although this posture can sometimes result in a numb arm, side sleeping is great for pregnant mums-to-be and those suffering from heartburn or acid reflux by easing discomfort.




As a back sleeper, whether you opt for the starfish or ‘Savasana’, sleeping on your back is beneficial for your spinal alignment as it remains neutral. Because your face is not crumpled into a pillow, sleeping on your back can also reduce the probability of wrinkles.



As a stomach sleeper, chances are you’re less likely to snore. However, sleeping on your front is often cautioned, as it can lead to overarching the natural curve of your spine and even straining your neck. So it’s important to take extra care with your mattress choice if you find you unconsciously adopt this position.

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