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Malaysia Bed and Mattress sizes

The great thing about standards are that there are so many  to choose from!  With a full collection of “standard” sizes from the US, UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, & IKEA, it feels as if you could get a bed any size you want and it would be a standard somewhere in the world.

Most of our bed frames can be made for you in any size – but getting mattresses and fitted sheets to match might be more difficult.  These are the standard sizes available in Malaysia.

  1. Single:                   L 75″ (191 cm) x W 36″ (91cm)
  2. Super Single:       L 75″ (191 cm) x W 42″ (107cm)
  3. Queen:                  L 75″ (191 cm) x W 60″ (152cm)
  4. King:                     L 75″ (191 cm) x W 72″ (183cm)


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