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What is a captain bed


Basically put, a Captain’s bed, or storage bed, is a bed frame consisting of a shallow box with drawers on either side and a mattress on top. This design optimized floor space, blending design and function into a compact design, main it very popular in homes with limited space.

The origin for the captain’s bed design comes from the beds used ships. The Captain’s Quarters was typically the largest individual sleeping quarters on a ship. Although the Captain’s room may have been the largest sleeping quarter on the ship, space was still a precious commodity. Raising the sleeping surface higher off the floor to make room for storage drawers was a more practical way to sleep and save space. Classically, beds were designed as built-ins on ships, for more stability and safety, and to maximize available space.

In modern times, the popularity of Captain’s Beds has not diminished. The goal of providing a comfortable, practical, space saving beds is the same now as it was then. There are several more options now, however. Unlike on ships, where the bed frame was actually built into the structure of the boat, Captain’s Beds, now can be stand alone and modular. Drawers can be added or in some instances, flat panels can be used in place of drawers. Captain’s beds have seen an expansion past adult room and are now gaining popularity in children’s rooms. Families in both large suburban homes or in small urban apartments need space-saving ideas for their kids’ bedrooms.