What is the best 10 website for buying furniture in Malaysia?


Here are some of the best websites for buying furniture online in Malaysia, offering a wide range of products, styles, and price points:

  1. Lavino – Offers a broad selection of furniture for various home areas, providing detailed product descriptions and good warranty conditions​ (Lavino Mall)​.
  2. Fella Design – Known for a wide range of fabric furniture and operates several showrooms across Malaysia for an enhanced buying experience​ (Fella Design)​.
  3. IKEA Malaysia – Popular for its affordable and functional furniture, IKEA also provides services like kitchen planning and assembly​ (IKEA)​.
  4. Furniture Direct – An online-only store that offers competitively priced furniture with no retail overheads, focusing on great designs at affordable prices​ (​.
  5. Cellini – Specializes in luxury modern furniture with excellent customer service, and is known for its premium sofas and dining sets​ (Cellini Design Center Sdn Bhd)​.
  6. Ashley HomeStore – Offers a mix of classic and modern furniture designs, recognized globally with several stores across Malaysia​ (AuntieReviews)​.
  7. Sweet Home BM Enterprise – Offers a wide variety of furniture styles, from sofas to dining tables, and often has sales on various items​ (Sweet Home BM Enterprise)​.
  8. Mi Kuang Furniture – Based in Johor, they provide high-quality, locally-produced furniture with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship​ (Mi Kuang)​.
  9. DoYoung Malaysia – Features trendy, modern furniture categorized into design themes, facilitating an easier shopping experience​ (Do Young)​.
  10. Urban Edge Home Gallery – Located in Kuala Lumpur, they offer designer pieces from Southeast Asia, focusing on unique and contemporary styles​ (​.

These websites cater to different tastes and budgets, making it easier to find the right furniture for your home in Malaysia.


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